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I honestly don't use this too much anymore, LJ is pretty much dying out.

I've moved over to Tumblr, and you can find me over there at my blog:

http://neripi.tumblr.com/ (anime, asia, nature, etc)

and my fics reside over at FF.net --> https://www.fanfiction.net/~tsuyubaby

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So It's been a while...
...since I've been on LJ at least. But while I've been ghosting from LJ, I've still been fairly active in the community so here's my latest fanfics for all the lovely peoples to read. ^^

Summary: Sai didn't believe in acknowledging emotions. He shoved them down, hid them away, discarded them. Because emotions hurt, they meant you could feel. Pain, anger, sadness, betrayal. Emotions were useless, and so Sai ignored them because in the end all he ever wanted was a little happiness, and yet he knew he would never get it. And it HURT. Danzou/Sai, OMC/Sai, ItaSai if you squint
Warnings: noncon, ANGST, murder

Summary: Zombie Apocalypse Reincarnation fic where Eren is 23, Erwin is 19, and Levi is 18. "It was just your average fucking day, y'know, dead body parts everywhere, mutilated corpses wandering around eating people, kids almost dying from stupidity. Y'know, just a normal day." In which Eren saves everyone but needs help saving himself. ANGST Erwin/Eren Riren ErwinLeviEren
Warnings: ANGST, character death, zombies, past gang violence, gore, mentioned past noncon, forced tattooing

....This really isn't healthy.

Broken Wings
Fandom: SnK, Attack on Titan
Pairing: OMCs/Eren, Levi/Eren
Summary: Slight AU where during the time Armin, Mikasa, and Eren lived on the streets the brunette secretly prostituted himself to help protect his friends. Years later the truth surfaces and eventually Levi is forced to do something about it. Cue super fluffy sex as a healing device~
Warnings: noncom/dubcon, major character death, suicidal thoughts, drug usage, alcohol angst, angst, and more ANGST
This is a fill for a prompt on the snk kink meme (I filled my own prompt actually, haha >.>)
Also, I have no beta, sorry for any mistakes.
Enjoy~ (:
This world was cruel.Collapse )

Christmastime Lovers
Kagura & Kamui
Title: Christmastime Lovers

Author: yellowrose2167

Rating: PG13

Genre and/or Pairing: fluff/humor, Itachi/Shisui

Spoilers: none really

Warnings: some language, a little kissing. nothing to extreme

Word Count: 857

Summary: A short AU fluff piece where Itachi and Shisui are long-time lovers and work as a pediatric doctor and a paramedic, respectively. It's Christmastime and there's reindeer antlers, flirting, and humor involved.

This is a request fic for ak_kun. ^^

“I’ve never seen a reindeer smoking before.”Collapse )

A Friend in the Darkness

Title: A Friend in the Darkness
Rating: M for drinking, language, and brief dubcon
Summary: “And then I drink. I drink to forget. I drink to forget their faces, I drink to forget the blood, I drink to forget the things I’ve allowed to be done to my body, I drink to forget that out of everything in the world, the thing I want most is death. I don’t want to be able to think anymore, or feel. I just want to die, to be numb from this pain.” 
In other words, Gintoki helps Hijikata through the darkness. Mentioned OMC/Hijjikata, Gintoki/Hijikata if you squint.
Warnings: dubcon, angst, suicidal thoughts, copious amounts of drinking

"Keeping everything inside will tear you apart. I know.”Collapse )

Unintentional Consequences

Title: Unintentional Consequences

Rating: M for semi-graphic rape and language

Pairings: Clemens/Luke, Rasputin/Luke

Warnings: knife play, non-con, language, hurt/comfort

Summary: Clemens finally gets the chance to have Luke all to himself, and he doesn’t waste the opportunity.

These characters belong to NeroGoFuk n Deviantart. ^^

"Until next time, kitten."Collapse )

Dead and Gone
That's the state of my comp at the moment. So, I'm sorry to anyone who's following one of my fics or that I've promised a story. I'm not sure when it'll happen cause I can't even get on ff.net or DA or pretty much anything. The only comp I can use right now is the school one and all those sites are blocked. Even netflix is blocked! Ugh, this super sucks. ><

Silent Moonlight

Title: Silent Moonlight 

Summary: Gin will do anything to gain Aizen’s trust, if only so he could shatter it in the end. Sometimes though, things don't always work out the way we want them to. A different take on Aizen and Gin's relationship, and the consequences. Non-con AiGin, UraGin

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: detailed non-con and dub-con, angst, angst, ANGST, character death

A/N: suggested listening for the very last section: Simon and Garfunkel – Sound of Silence

Also, sorry to those of you reading Turning Back the Clock…I sort of got distracted with the loveliness that is Ichimaru Gin and neglected to write the 3rd chapter when I said I would. It should be out soon though, maybe tomorrow. Also, I don’t have a beta, so this might have some errors. Yea. Sorry about those. xD

Hello, I'm a cut. Collapse )

Turning Back the Clock Chapter 2

Title: Turning Back the Clock
Chapter: 2
Summary: The pendulum swings back, and this time some of the darker events are revealed, along with some long forgotten relationships, and some not so long forgotten romances.
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Rose/Shinji, Urahara/Shinji,  Aizen/Shinji

A Game of ChessCollapse )


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